Saturday, September 24, 2011

School Days are Fun Days!

Kate loves her new school and so do I!  She is leanring so much and having so much fun- it truly is another answered prayer that we found such a perfect place for her!  She attends Ms. Julie's Monday through Thursday and then a good friend, Erika, watches her on Fridays.  Kate also gets to go to "Mommy's School" on Fridays to see some of the other teachers until Erika picks her up.  She understands the routine and is having so much fun now- although the first two weeks were tough on all of us.  On Sundays she looks forward to going to church, although once we are there she always has a fussy moment... but then she's super excited to go to Sunday School! 

Brennan is enjoying fourth grade and just celebrated their first birthday lunch (fourth grade has three birthday lunches throughout the year).  He happened to be in the first group of kids since his birthday is in October.  His group decided on an Ocean/Hawaiin theme.  Hmmm... I wonder who suggested the ocean theme? LOL!  He always looks forward to golf on Thursdays and fishing on the weekends.  Other than that, he spends a lot of time outside or watching survival shows on TV.  It's nice that the weather has cooled down to the 70's most days and we've started walking Zamboni at night.  Kate is happy to spend a little more time in her favorite stroller when we go for our walks- I think she's missed it!

Kate will begin physical therapy and occupational therapy every other Tuesday.  Once they have an opening in physical therapy, they'd like to see her every week.  She had fun at the evaluations and the therapists were so good at making it seem like play time.  The physical therapist, also named Caitlyn, has arranged for the orthodist to evaluate Kate on Tuesday to see what kind of leg braces may help her feet to turn outwards a little better.  They certainly makes things convenient for us!  We'll meet with Dr. Board on Tuesday to go over her MRI results too (same office).  So... Tuesday will be a very busy day for us.  :-)

We changed Kate's earrings the other day- it's hard to believe that she's already had her ears pierced for two months!  Of course we had to put some cute Hello Kitty earrings in!  Kate's also started picking out her own clothes and shoes... it's been hard for me but I've let her leave the house with a red dress and pink shoes a few times or socks that didn't match. She definitely has her own opinion now and there is no changing her mind!  It is cute!

Brennan would never admit it... but he is beginning to like having a sister.  Right now he's giving her fishing lessons and chasing her around the house.  About once a day they end up playing together for a little while.  He truly understands his sister better and better and always gives her good advice.  He still has his moments when he misses being an only child... but he's slowly coming around!  He is the sweetest boy- how could he not love having a sister?!!!  He can always make her laugh but he can also make her mad really fast.  They are true siblings!!!


Check out the princess skirt
on my princess!

Kate and her school friends.

School is so much fun!

Ms. Julie takes the best pictures!

Kate's new earrings!

The three kids snuggling... Brennan,
Kate, and Zamboni

Karen the occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy is fun!

Caitlin the physical therapist

Their tower was taller than
them when they were finished.

The golfing gang- this is their second year and Coach Anthony is the best!

The soon to be birthday boy!

The birthday group.

I don't remember school
being this much fun!

Our neighbor got a new kitten.

So now both of them think we need
 to get a kitten too!

Kate caught a fish!
Thanks for the lessons Brennan!

Kate loves Erika!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy September!

First day of school!

The best news is that we found Kate the perfect preschool/daycare!  She started on Tuesday, September 6th and we are all settling into a routine finally!  She is at the daycare I had written about earlier.  There are three other four year olds and a two year old.  They have preschool lessons in the morning, plenty of exercise, fun art activities, field trips, and nap time.  Kate has been exhausted when she comes home so last week was a bit tiring for all of us. She usually adjusts to everything so well and with the perfect bribe, life has been calmer and happier.  The bribe is that she can snuggle in my bed at bedtime for a little while, and then I'll carry her to her bed if she doesn't fuss too much after school.  I love the snuggling time so it's a win-win situation!

Kate has been back to her pediatrician and received four more shots (seven shots total since coming home);.  She was a trooper and didn't cry again... although she announced to all of us that, "Kate is so mad!"  Both Brennan and Kate went to the optometrist where we found out they both have 20/30 vision- so no glasses needed yet.  Kate's eyes "float" but the fabulous optometrist (Dr. Board) wanted to wait a year and see if she gains control of her eye muscles on her own.  Apparently in 50% of the cases, the kids do.  In the other 50% of cases a little surgery is needed.  Kate did NOT like having her eyes dilated and this time cried A LOT!!!  Brennan was VERY happy that he didn't have to have his eyes dilated! 

Kate's MRI came back positive for cerebral palsy so no more tests will be needed.  I meet with Dr. Board next week to go over her results in more detail.  She goes for her occupational and physical therapy evaluations on Thursday.  We see such changes in her in the three months we've been with her!  She hardly falls at all anymore and gets around much quicker and with more confidence.  Even her daycare teacher noticed an improvement in the one week she's known her. It is so exciting to see her develop in so many ways each and every day!

Kate's favorites right now-
princesses, Hello Kitty, Barney and Blues Clues movies, music of any kind, the letter K, baby dolls, play kitchen, swimming, french fries, chicken nuggets (which she calls anything chicken), watermelon, doing her nails, reading books (Llama, Llama, Goodnight Gorilla, The Going to Bed Book, and Goodnight Moon are her favorites) and mommy's bed.

Things Kate does not like-
"muskie bites" (mosquito bites), sleeping in her Hello Kitty bed (although she likes the bed... just not sleeping alone), bedtime, shots at the doctors, people who are sad, and dogs that surprise her. 

Kate's new favorite word- "crap"... used totally correct and quite often!  It's hard not to laugh because it truly is funny!

And life for Brennan with a sister is getting easier.  He has more and more sweet moments, but he also has his days when he thinks his life is so rough (if only he knew how lucky he really was).  He is enjoying fourth grade and is very independent about doing his homework.  He is still my snugly little man with a heart of gold.  He uses a calming voice when talking with Kate and can cheer her up the fastest of all of us when he feels like it.  Kate adores Brennan more and more and ALWAYS wants to do what her big brother does! They are both learning what it means to have a sibling.  I love them both so much and continue to pray that they will learn to love each other as much as I love them.

We had a sleepover at Lisa and Greg's house.
I watched the kids so they could have a night away-
of course the kids were excited!

Kate and Emma are such good friends!

Joe joined us for the sleepover too- so there
were five wonderful and perfect kids for the night!

I had a jewelry party on September 9th with
about ten friends.  Kate and Brennan loved
hanging out with the grown-ups.  It was a
fun night. 

 Zamboni continues to be the happiest of all!  I love my new class so much, and Dave is getting a lot of hours at work. We miss seeing Dave (he's been on the road for over a week now and doesn't come home often) but we're settling into a nice routine together.  Life is good and we truly continue to feel blessed in so many ways!