This is what our agency wrote:
People can donate directly on your behalf. Make sure your friends and family let us know that they are donating to your account. Sheila, who handles our finances, will send them a letter/receipt that they can use for their taxes. Paypal and the credit card options take a tiny fraction of each donation to pay for the transaction, so the amount on Sheila’s receipt will be slightly less than the amount they paid, but it still works. Or families can send us a check for a donation, and Sheila will send them the letter/receipt for that amount.

The address is:
West Sands Adoptions
321 N. Mall Drive #A202
St. George, UT 84790

When you click on the link there is an area to write what your donation is for- please put Ranheim Family NC. Or if you send a check please include a note and write it in the memo section of the check.

Thank you so much!  

Thank you to the following families for your donations: 
Logel, Pelnik, Finkelstein, Haslam, Lunstrum, Vogel, Peterson, Sandow-Tetzlaff, Golke, Martin, deSouza, McCallum, Yi, Taylor, Edelson, Park, Schwartz, Miller, Shelbourne, Plummer, Walia, Niemchak, Ulanch, deSouza, Dorafshar, Laxmi, Finkelstein, Chao, Castelloe, Mills, Wade, Covington, Henry, Snell, Lindsay-Mannar, Weiss, Heniadis, Stiles, Ranheim, Forbes, Brekke, and Walker Families. A big thank you also goes to our Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church and the fabulous second grade families at The Raleigh School!

Flower Power Fundraiser-  $228.00 profit!  Thank you!
Spaccarotella, Angelakos, Ulanch, Townsend, Matthews, Sandow-Tetzlaff, deSouza, Plummer, and Harris Families.  My friend, Jennifer, bought flowers and then planted them in a huge pot and gave them to us!  We also have our own Kate's Garden!

Golden Dawn $2,000.00
A Child Waits Foundation $3500.00
Eliya's Heart- $1,000.00

Clothes for Kate-
Matthews, Geyer, Lattanze, Rosenbaum, Wisneiwski, Spaccarotella, Webb, Kennedy, Brekke, Forbes, Haslam, and Bensen families

Thank you also to all the people that gave such great toys and gifts to Kate!

And all the people that have kept our family in your prayers!  This truly has been a journey of "Faith"!  God had a plan and made all of this possible through all of you!  We will always be thankful! We are blessed in so many ways!

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