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Brennan was adopted from Korea and brought to his forever home when he was four months old.  Dave and I traveled to Korea to meet his foster mother and to see the baby house where he lived for the first month of his life.  He was sad to leave his loving foster family and took about three weeks to get used to us.  We love and appreciate that he was always so well taken care of! 
He is very proud to be Korean!

Brennan was the cutest baby.  He had many favorites including Bob the Builder, his cow blanket, his ball popper, I Spy books, playdough, and his Doodle Writer.  He also loved our dog, Belle.  One of his first words was "Belle" and he called all animals by her name.  If he saw a cow he would yell, "Belle", etc.  He hated haircuts, and he would get very grumpy if he was hungry or tired.  He started daycare when he was ten months old, and we've been so fortunate that he has always had wonderful and caring teachers. His first teacher is still a wonderful friend to this day!  

Brennan has grown into such an amazing person!  He is a fourth grader at The Raleigh School and enjoys writing and math the most.  He is a talented artist and spends many hours drawing fish and fish scenes. He has been fascinated with fish since he was a year old!  He loves fishing, playing fish games, drawing fish, collecting fish toys, reading about fish, and watching fishing shows on TV.   He loves fish so much that he inspired us to start an online web store called Kids Love Fish.

Brennan is truly a blessing to us, and we thank God everyday for giving us such a special gift.  We pray often about his birth parents and thank them for the decision they made.  Life with Brennan is exciting, challenging, creative, messy (all artists are messy), and happy!

Brennan at Atlantic Beach April 2011
   Spring Break 2011

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