Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break!

Kate with Julie's newest nephew.  Kate
can't wait to hold him after spring break!
We had a GREAT spring break!  We were so busy that not much house cleaning occurred though...  oh well!

We started with a trip to Pullen Park on Saturday.  Kate had gone there on Friday with Erika (the lady her watches her on Fridays) and LOVED it!  Brennan had a birthday party at the park so we dropped him off and then took Kate to the rides and park.  It was a beautiful day!  On Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet.  After lunch we headed back to church for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Kate was so excited!  Brennan thought he was too old to hunt for eggs, but when he found out there were only four kids in his age group he decided to participate.  Both kids had fun although we had to miss the crafts and snacks because Kate had a fussy moment.  When she ended up falling asleep on the floor we knew she as exhausted! 

Kate loves the therapy pool.
Caitlyn always makes PT fun!

More pictures from Harry Potter Day!

On Monday I packed the kids up and we headed to the NC Zoo.  It's about an hour and a half away and so we made a day of it.  The weather was perfect and we had fun together!  Our favorites were the gorillas, giraffes, and elephants.  Kate loved the carousel and Brennan loved the dinosaur exhibit. 
Kate always gets a ton of exercise with
Julie!  Here she is at Monkey Joe's.

And more Harry Potter pictures.

On the train ride at Pullen Park.

It was a beautiful day at
Pullen Park!

Kate loved the carousel at Pullen Park! 
Here she is riding "Kate" the bunny.

And of course she had to ride
the little boats too!

Kate found a lot of eggs!

I always think it's funny that the
Easter egg hunt takes place in the
cemetery at our church.  :-)

Brennan is serious about landing
his helicopter at the zoo to
save the elephants!

On Tuesday Kate had her five year old check up.  She only had to get one shot, so she was happy!  She didn't even flinch when they gave it to her! After the doctor appointment we headed for haircuts and then went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny.  Kate was so excited to see him!  Of course we made a quick stop into the Lego store too.  Brennan had fun picking out Lego's from the pick a brick section.  We then headed to Raleighwood to eat lunch and watch the movie Big Miracle.  We met Lisa, Reese, and Emma at the movies.  It was a great movie!  We headed home after the movie and the kids played Lego's the rest of the night.

On Wednesday we met Renee, Dari, Darian, and Delaney at Monkey Joe's.  We ended up playing there for four and half hours!  Definitely got our money's worth and the kids got enough exercise to last them for days!  Kate still had a little energy left to go to gymnastics Wednesday evening. 
Kate knew exactly what to do
during the egg hunt!
 On Thursday we enjoyed a lazy morning!  I also got a little house cleaning done.  I took Brennan over to his friend's house around 2:00 PM and then Kate and I ran a few errands before her PT appointment.  We got the sad news at her PT appointment that Raleigh Neurology was discontinuing their pediatric therapies effective May 11th.  Caitlyn will keep us posted as to where she ends up so hopefully we'll be able to follow her to her new location.  I also got the sad news that our insurance company denied us our appeal about Eastpointe Prosthetics.  Oh well... I'm not too worried about it yet.  We'll see how much Kate's braces cost when we use an out of network place...  After Kate's appointment we headed home and met back up with Brennan and his friend (Lyon) and Hollis.  They hung out with us for the evening and we ordered pizza. It's always fun catching up with Hollis!  Lyon ended up spending the night and so the boys played Friday morning while Kate and I enjoyed another lazy morning!

We walked down to our neighbor's house and played some basketball and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Brennan also finished his science experiment and we put his presentation together.  Now he just needs to find time to practice it.  In the late afternoon we decided to go see the movie Hugo at the cheap theatre.  Hollis and Lyon joined us and we all ate popcorn for dinner and enjoyed the movie.  Friday night Brennan's friend, Teddy, stayed the night and the boys set up a art show and sale Saturday morning.  They didn't have very many customers but they ended up making $3.00.  :-)

Saturday we went back to the Chinese Buffet and played outside. 

Kate has said several cute things this week (of course!)...
When I said we were going to the zoo she asked if there would be animals there?  Was it an animal zoo?  Hee hee.
Brennnan and Kate have been sleeping in the living room together so we blow up the air mattress for them each day.  Kate calls it the "bunk bed". Brennan thinks that is hilarious and so now we all call it the bunk bed.
Kate is very concerned about the Easter Bunny and how he can sneak around.  She also wanted to know if he is afraid of dogs?  Everyday she asks us how many more days until Easter...
The cutest though was when she was telling me the story of Jesus and how he died on the cross.  She had the story perfect!!!  Julie does such a nice job teaching her so many things!  The true story of Easter hasn't been lost in the bunny excitement. 

Brennan working on his science fair

Comparing their loot from the egg hunt

I guess this explains why she had a melt
down after the egg hunt!  It takes
one tired kid to fall asleep on the hardwood

Playing in the park at the zoo.l

 It's been a great week!  I am so happy we still have tomorrow off. I have some work meetings on Monday so Kate will go back to Julie's house.  Brennan will hang with Dave. 

On Monday night I head down to the beach with my co-worker, Sue, for the night.  We'll meet up with our second graders on Tuesday morning for our Sound to Sea field trip.  Our second graders are going to be so excited for their overnight field trip!  When we get back to school on Thursday the kids have to run the half mile for their physical fitness test.  By Thursday afternoon they are all going to need a vacation again!  :-) 

Our relaxing and fun week was great!  Now to get some energy for the craziness of our life... of course that's truly how we all love it!

The bunny on this carousel was
also named "Kate".

Kate loved seeing the Easter Bunny!

We had so much fun at the NC Zoo!