Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

Breakfast with Santa at our church.

Kate loves Santa! 

Kate was a sheep for the
church Christmas
Performace. She looked so cute!

Michah helped Kate maneuver
the steps during the performance
at church and now Kate LOVES

Brennan made this for his
teachers and wanted to
wrap it up for them.  So sweet!
He's such a happy kid this year at
school!  Thanks Barb and Jenn!

Brennan put the Santa Collection out
this year... I quietly distributed them a
little more around the house... they were
displayed three deep.  So funny!

Brennan and Kate
totally decorated the tree by themselves
and did a great job! 

We put lights in the kids' room too. 
Kate arranged all the fish on the
top bunk for Brennan.

Kate and Brennan set up our village too.  Brennan
made the pond for the village and added cars to the scene.
He is so creative!

Kate was excited to make some more ornaments
for our tree at the Advent Workshop at our church.

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